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You're wrong sir. It's because he didn't let Jesus into his heart, you brought the holy ghost with him? Maybe? And then I'm pretty sure the devil anally raped him, injecting into his body the evil semen of murderers, which caused him to go on a murderous rampage. This is what happens to all murderers. Then afterwards, they join the illuminati, and take Big Foot to go and ride the Loch Ness monster to Narnia.

Of course, if he was a Christian, he wasn't really one. He was a cultural Christian, not a real one. This is a simple explanation for every Christian who does a bad thing. They weren't really Christians, despite actually reading and following the bible, they aren't real Christians.

This is a much more plausible explanation than he was simply a sick man. Gotta learn your stuff my friend...
I must be behind on my scripture, because im a bit confused.

Arent you a Christian until you pull the trigger? Or is it when you are planning the attack? Are you still a Christian if you miss your shots? How about if your gun jams on the first shot of an attack, still good with Jesus? How about if you commit a massacre, but no one recognizes you, still considered Christian? Would you enter double negative points for Christianity if your planned killing occured on a Sunday? Speaking of that, how much credit of Christianity do you have to build up in order to have a believable conversion after a horrific attack? Because getting a number figure on that would make things easier.

And PLEASE Locke, lets not exaggerate...the Loch Ness monster wouldnt be caught dead with a heathen. Hes(or she) is a dinosaur and the only person the dinosaurs let ride them was Jesus. I learned that from a Louisiana private school that receives public funding: