Don't have to play against many top QBs this year.

Week 1. Shaub( Good, but first game back from injury. )
Week 2. Palmer
Week 3. Sanchez/Tebow
Week 4. Kolb/Skelton
Week 5. Dalton
Week 6. Bradford
Week 7. Bye
Week 8. Tebow/Sanchez ( I figured NY will have spoken by now )
Week 9. Luck ( Not saying he's not good, but he is a rookie)
Week 10. Hasselback/Locker
Week 11. Fitzpatrick
Week 12. Jackson/Flynn/Wilson (and people say we have the worse QB situation!)
Week 13. Brady (he's alright)
Week 14. A. Smith
Week 15. Gabbert/Henne (and people say seattle has the worse QB situation!)
Week 16. Fitzpatrick
Week 17. Brady (he's getting better)

Take it for what it is, I think that's a pretty light schedule of QBs to face when you look at who we don't have to face.