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Thread: The Religion of Atheism

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    NY8123 -to- Alter2Ego:

    If you decide to return to our lovely community I wish to welcome you and your thread to the depths of the sea, a place where you may profess your love and admiration of your fellow (Wo)Man. A place where all are welcome and all opinions are valid regardless of how ****ed up or self deluded.

    Since you never took the time to try and understand where our fellow board members come from or what faith they are inclined to follow and only decided to express your interpretations of Bible, I would like to be the first to say, thank you for setting the law of averages right and proving to me that anything in excess is bad. While your views are not overly excessive for an extremist, they are completely based on faith (I cannot blame you for that and a small part of me admires that in you). I would like to see you in the future come back to the board and finish the debate you left off in the religious forum, a debate you did not really debate anything I guess, it was more of a self proclaimed pulpit season. I look forward to your return and maybe I will just move on with you to the next board, I would like to suggest a wonderful site: GangGreen.com. I think you will find it rather stimulating and enlightening.

    So in closing from this Catholic to a fellow Christian I would also like to be the first to give you a whole hearted "go **** yourself with a whiffle ball bat you nacey ass piece of ****". Have a good day and may you repeatably be blessed with a scratchy yeast infection that drips for weeks. May good tidings of "a slice of shut the **** up" be sent upon you and let it henceforth be known that we here on the forum wish you the best in your endeavors as a self proclaimed dip **** who is blinded by the notion of a "holier than thou" attitude which will hopefully lead to a broken nose.

    Well I'm off to say my four Hail Marrys and one Our Father to absolve me of my sin of slandering my fellow Christan (which isn't really a sin but hey better to be safe than sorry after all the bible says love your fellow man).


    - **** Off.
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