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The reason is because they are game jerseys. They are always different from retail authentics. The game jerseys are made of better fabrics and have hand sewn stitching. This is why I only buy game worn jerseys. The downside is not everyone wants to spend 500-2,000$ on a jersey worn by a player. You can get some lower end players for 100s but still worth it. If you do want the jersey with the sweat catchers the closest you will find to this is a Nike Elite jersey, which will run you 300$ for a Tannehill. Hope this helps
Now I see what you are talking about. I just received my $100 Nike "replica" Tannehill jersey from Sports Authority and the name and numbers are not even sewn on, they are heat pressed vinyl or something! Even my Reebok "replica" jerseys cost me less than $50 and had sewn on numbers! Ridiculous if you ask me!!!!