I know some of you poor people here know how to do this in this poor economy. Man am I pissed! So Friday night I met with some clients at Joe Robbie (I still call it that **** you) to watch the Dolphins take on the Bucs. On my way to the stadium, I stopped at this ****hole full service station (didn't even know they had those anymore) to fill up my Escalade. I told this old Cuban fella to fill it up while I went inside to grab a case of Presidente. I was in and out in probably a minute. I come back outside and see this old FOB pumping REGULAR UNLEADED into my $90K Escalade. Had I not had my Allen Edmonds polished earlier in the day I would have deported his ass with my foot. I don't think he spoke much English but yelling is a universal language so he knew I was pissed. I drove it on out to Joe Robbie and back home but haven't driven it since. How the hell am I going to get that low grade gasoline out of my tank before it clogs up everything and ruins my engine? It even smelled worse than the premium grade I usually put in.