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Thread: Why the SEC Isn't as Great in Football as You Think

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    Just figured I'd post the article to get some perspective on it since really my only exposure to SEC football is the University of Kentucky and well, you know...its Kentucky.
    Enjoy your burrito.

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    The speed and strength of the SEC is just something different. When you see a good SEC team play a good team from another conference, the difference is just apparent. It doesn't look fair. I was watching the Alabama/Michigan game last night with the gf (who just recently started enjoying football and loved the game - thanks 'Bama), and it occurred to me that Oregon had the best shot of any team in recent history of knocking off an SEC team for a National Title. That Auburn team wasn't like most great SEC teams. Cam carried them. If that Oregon team ran into LSU or 'Bama in the title game, I don't think it would have been that close. That Auburn team wasn't your typical (we're faster and stronger than you at 10/11 positions) SEC team. Oregon got a dream match up and still couldn't come away with a win.
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    Im just hoping Bama/LSU and USC run the table so I can make some money on betting SEC.

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