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Thread: The Art of Meditation

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    The Art of Meditation


    "Don't judge, don't try, don't stop, don't start; Just be here"

    Bring your awareness to your breath. Just notice the breath. Either notice it going in and out of your nose or notice in rising and falling in the middle of your abdomen.

    Pick one or the other and stay with it. Notice the breath going in. Notice the breath going out. And notice the little transition points between the in breath and the out breath, and the out breath and the in breath.

    Keep your awareness focused on your breath. Let the rest of the thoughts come and go, just like tiny little insects around a light.

    If you notice feelings in your body, notice them, and then let them go.

    If you are thinking about what this is all about, notice that thought; let it go.


    "You give up not meditating. It's called meditation action. There's no way out of it. Meditation means to be constantly extricating yourself from the clinging of mind."


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