A woman in India has rejected her newborn son, because she says he looks like an alien.

Sonal Waghela from Gujarat, India fainted when she first laid eyes on her new son. The unnamed child was born with a rare condition which has caused his head to swell to enormous proportions. Mrs Waghela has refused to nurse the child, or even look at it, saying it looks like a creature from another planet. The baby is currently being spoon fed with another woman’s breast milk.

The baby was born with water accumulated in the brainball, the condition can be fatal if left untreated.

“The head swells like a balloon because of water accumulation inside the brain and hence the baby looks abnormal.” Dr Hiren Thumer who delivered the baby explained.

“Generally, these types of births occur in one in a hundred thousand deliveries.”

“Such babies can be saved if brain surgery is conducted, else it dies within four to six months.”