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Thread: My fantasy team and advice

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    Fantasyland My fantasy team and advice

    Standard 12 team snake draft money league

    Qb- cutler, bradford
    rb- j. Charles, Fred Jackson, cj spiller, kevin smith
    wr- calvin Johnson, jordy Nelson, Jeremy maclin, desean Jackson, Kenny britt, mike williams (bucs)
    Te- Jared cook ( super sleeper IMO)
    D/st - falcons
    K- carpenter

    Should I trade some wr depth to get a little more depth at RB. I feel I am thin there, the only thing I have going for me is I have spilled for Fred Jackson insurance.
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    Overall not bad, Charles/Jackson should be a pretty good combo and Spiller is a good insurance policy. A legit low end RB2 type guy (Mark Ingram/Ryan Williams) for Jackson or Britt I'd consider it. Also depends on your starter requirements, if it's start 2 WR maybe look at moving one, if it's start 3 then you might want to hold tight. I'd actually be a little more concerned at QB, I'm ok with Cutler as part of a QB by committee when teamed with another 12 to 16 rated QB like Schaub, Flacco, or even a Roethlisberger if yo you could get him, but Bradford is a one week bye filler at best and I'd want more with Cutler.
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    your streangth is at wide out with the number 1 and 2 fantasy WR point totals last year, i feel your a little weak at RB unless your flexing Spiller in as a third back, you would want to move Kenny britt once healthy and his production picks up for a stronger RB you can do that with Maclin or Jackson whichever one is producing more, IMO you dont pick two people from the same team unless thier handcuff because it becomes an issue when you start one over the other...i ran into that with the running back by committee in Carolina last year
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