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10 team league Qb: P Manning, Romo Rb: Rice, Charles, Wells, D. Williams Wr: Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Miles Austin, Kenny Britt, Denarius Moore Te: Finley, Gonzalez
QB - A I'm a little worried about the Dallas injuries to WR's and Witten hurting Romo but you should have a real solid 1 - 2 punch with Romo and Manning, the key will be picking the correct matchup each week.

RB - B+ Love Rice and Charles is a top RB2 with RB1 upside but don't like your lack of depth in a 10 team league. I have no use for Wells at all, Williams will have a few great games and disappear in others when they only give hin 6 or 7 carries so he is an OK RB4 but real hit or miss.

WR - A This could well end up the strength of your team, some real hit or miss guys here but if it works they'll be some high scorers. I'm not as high on Andre Johnson as some this year but he has the ability and potential to be a top 5 WR (especially in PPR leagues). Austin (injuries) and Wallace (hold out fatigue) are high rish, high reward guys. They can put up huge games or could have you cursing them all year. Kenny Britt has injury concern but for a WR4 with top 10 possibilities it's worth the risk and with your theme. Moore is another boom or bust guy weekly.

TE - B+ Finely burned so many last year I'm a little off on him this year but he plays on one of the highest powered offenses that passes a ton so the opportunity is there. Gonzolez may get less chances now with Jones and White but might be better quality ones. A solid backup/bye week filler.

Overall - A- I love the plan you went with for WR's (assuming it was intentional) you'll go as far as they carry you and if they all get hot that could be the super bowl.