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Check out mine: $150 buyin.

Auction 14 teams, cap 100:

20 qb cam newton car
35 rb arian foster hou
4 rb isaac redman pit
10 wr steve johnson buf
8 wr percy harvin min
4 te jared cook ten
1 k alex henery phi
2 de dallas
8 wr vincent jackson tb
2 rb donald brown ind
3 qb ryan fitzpatrick qb
3 rb micheal bush chi

my team rocks
14 teamers, have to love them as they force you to find the sleepers. I've done baseball auctions but never a football one but I'll take a crack at breaking this down using some average values I found.

QB - A- I'm not as high on Cam as some are and it appears you may have over payed a little but that said I think Fitzpatrick is a very underrated backup especially in a 14 team league he could be a borderline starter.

RB - A Foster is a stud, no question about that and you got him a couple dollars under market value, Redman will have a chance the first part of the year and if Mendenhall is slow to come back could have a pretty decent year. Brown is the man that gets you the A grade for your RB's, he will likely end up your RB2 and you stole him at $2, his average value is $7 in drafts. Bush is decent depth in a 14 team league as he is one of the better back up RB's in the league and will see some carries.

WR - B You get the B based on the fact that you paid pretty much market price, personally I'm not a big fan of any of the guys you got but you also didn't do anything stupid. You drafted guys at close to value and we all rate how we think they will perform differently. The nice part is you have 3 true #1 wideouts on there teams.

TE - C+ I like Cook, I even have him in a longtime for fun 14 teamer I am in as well as my starter. That said I was disappointed I wasn't able to get a top TE in that league. Cook has upside and we'll both bank on that and that locker will use him as a safety blanket but in this day and age you need a TE that can put numbers week in and week out and we don't know yet if Cook can do that.

K and D - Both fine.

Overall - B+ It's a good solid team, Newton will have some huge games and Foster is a beast, you will be competitive without a doubt. What will determine how far you go is what you get from your RB2 and if the WR's perform at the level most have them ranked at.