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Dinosaurs lived within the last 15,000 years? How do you figure? Unless you're talking about the theory that dinosaurs evolved into modern day birds, but that can't be it since that would mean you were acknowledging evolution. So, what's the basis for your claim that dinosaurs were around in the last 15,000 years...?
Simple really, we now find soft tissue within dinosaur fossils quite frequently, and the empirically verified decay rate of soft tissue would leave no traceable amounts after 15,000 years, so those dinosaurs had to live and die within the last 15,000 years. There’s no way around that. Dinosaurs and humans coexisting is not farfetched at all, even you believe there are numerous animals alive today who could have been found living during the dinosaur era, so why not Dinosaurs? IS there some rule against that? Of course not, you’ve just been so heavily indoctrinated with the idea that humans and dinosaurs were separated by eons that you think any contrary idea is silly and yet you have no reason for believing this.