If I insulted you I apologize, I think you may be confusing me with another poster though. I'll attack your arguments aggressively if need be but don't wish to insult you personally. I don't know you beyond this message board and do not know whatever life journey has led you to hold these beliefs. Furthermore, I respect anyone of faith who will debate... That is truly a great minority.

Back to it...

By evidence I mean anything that would hold up in a laboratory or a courtroom. Anything that someone who wasn't indoctrinated from birth would be able to believe rationally.

I will now address your question. If God didn't exist would we be able to know anything at all?

My answer is yes, without doubt. God doesn't exist and yet the human brain still works. The human brain functions through a complex series of electrical impulses, neurotransmitters, etc. You can quite easily trace the evolution of the human brain all the way back to fish and it lines up beautifully.

Upon answering your question and clarifying my own, I still want to know if you think there is any more evidence for the existence of your god vs. Krishna, Allah, Santa Claus, etc.