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Ireland did land us a #1 receiver, and #1 cornerback. Everyone knows Marshall was a great pickup for us....how was ireland supposed to know that the guy had issues that were worse than anyone could have figured? And if a #1 CB keeps showing up out of shape, thats a character issue that developed in adulthood.......how was Ireland supposed to know that? These are Philbins cuts! Plain and simple.

Almost any other coach would have kept Chad, Brandon, and Vontae. Philbin is a no nonsense guy, that will not hesitate to get rid of you if your not on his program. 49ers decided to keep Aldon Smith even though he was stabbed at a late night party and arrested for a DUI......why? Talent! And a coach that wants to win now....even though it was a team that was already 98% complete.

I applaud this post.

Brandon Marshall may not have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder while in Denver, but he had a well-documented problem with immaturity, problems with the law, and at times was unprofessional in dealing with the Denver coaching staff. These were issues that Ireland definitely knew about, and gave Denver two 2nd round picks anyway.

As for Vontae Davis, read this analysis of Davis' before the 2009 draft (from nfldraftscout.com): "Negatives: Not a natural playmaker. Inconsistent hands for the interception. Doesn't fight through blocks with the physicality in which he comes up to tackle. Best in off-man and zone coverage where he can watch the action, plant and drive to the ball. Faster in shorts than on the field. Peeks back at the quarterback and savvy route-runners can beat him with double moves. Was benched in 2008 by coach Ron Zook, creating questions about his work ethic. Concerns that Vontae, like his brother, Vernon Davis, may lack the drive to turn his unique athleticism into NFL success." Hmmm....that sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it??? Again, these are character flaws that Ireland had to be aware of.

And as for Chad Johnson....well...any GM with half a brain wouldn't have signed CJ. He couldn't look good with Tom Brady getting him the ball. Enough said.