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You idiots who keep saying its early we can have a good year blah blah blah... same crap every year and you guys like taking it up the canal every season. What has changed in the past few seasons, not the GM.... so in protest people need to stop supporting this regime at home games to let them know it can get worse on this side also. They expect people to go see a practice squad team at full price... fk that. We have no WR, no TE, no lb, no cb etc..... Those people who think that Ireland will get Wallace are dreaming, this guy is an idiot and has ruined the franchise. I am a diehard but i do understand these guys need to take a deeper hit in the pockets!!! It does not make me less of a fan for feeling this way but the only way to get attention is to hurt them in the pocket books, (as opposed to showing up for some rally etc...)..... let Ross go broke and sell this

Ireland = Garbage!!!!!!!
You really expect anyone to take you seriously when you call out a big chunk of the fanbase? Listen I understand you're frustrated, but calling people idiots because still want to support this team financially is nonsense. Everyone including myself knows this team probably isn't contending for much of anything this year, but if I or others choose to attend games (whether in state or out) is our decision.

Thru the recent run of below average Dolphins football, there are a ton of fans out there that love this team. I'm one of them...I stood them thru a 1-15 season, so this 3 season slide we're in isn't going to stop me from supporting my team however I can. Look at the Lions, the 2008 and 2009 teams we're still averaging 50,000+ attendance numbers even in the midst of going 0-16 and 2-12 during those miserable seasons. That's determination...and now they're starting to turn things around after DECADES of futility.