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I'd be careful if I were you. There are teams in the Big XII that have been doing the "no defense, air raid offense" thing a lot longer than WVU. At this point I don't think there's any Big XII team that wants a piece of any top tier SEC defense.

I know all of the media talking heads have tabbed WVU as the favorite to win the Big XII, but man that's asking alot of team in it's first season in that conference. I could very easily see at least 2 conference losses for you guys. I think WVU is going to get shell shocked by the Longhorns on 10/6. Beating up on 3 cupcakes then beating Baylor at home will lead to that when they take a trip to Austin. At OK St is going to be a shoot out. OK is not going to be easy. I don't have anything against WVU, we had some fun games against you guys in the Big East, but I just don't see it.

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Ouch, but sometimes the truth hurts.
I see OK st beating WVU is Stillwater. I also wouldnt be stunned if Texas were to beat them. As, you stated, WVU will likely be coming off that home win vs. Baylor and riding high. Texas is actually favored by 6 points, at least when I saw it on Friday. 5Dimes has some lines out for future games. Pretty much all of the Big 12 road games are loseable for WVU, even Iowa St.

Also, WVU can lose at home. You should know that Lou... So I wouldnt be stunned if Baylor or some other pretty decent big 12 teams pull it off. Im figuring 3 losses for WVU in the regular season and likely an annual bowl win vs. some garbage team.

Finally, that Bridgewater kid is just as good of a player as Geno Smith though nobody seems to notice. Lots of fancy stats for ol Geno. Louisville is probably just as good if not better than the mountaineers overall.