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At least you know they're drugs.

I hate those people on their high-horses saying "don't do drugs", as they've got a cigarette in their mouth, a half opened bottle of jack on the living room table, an espresso machine in their kitchen, and a cabinet full of pharmaceutical **** that's far worse for you than cannabis will ever be.

You know where I stand on the drug-war, that's a different topic for a different thread. Personally, I'd get clean if I knew in advance I had an interview for the initial piss test, but I wouldn't work anywhere that randomly drug tests; there are plenty of places that stop after the initial test. I plan on teaching, & so I know they aren't going to be chasing around all the professors with piss-cups.
Don't be so sure about that "not chasing around with piss cups".

I never thought I'd see the day when the State of Texas randomly drug tested employees, because of the expense.
Now, granted, I've been employed for 2.5 years with the agency and I haven't been tested except at time of employment....so....