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Completely agree but again, I had no idea I was even being considered for the internship. I had lined up two other internships which didn't drug test so i thought i wouls be fine. This is the restaurant industry and I've been around people doped up on coke that function perfectly fine. Never even thought about getting drug tested which still is no excuse. Because had I known this internship was still a possibility I would have stopped long before. Either way I messed up and whatever the outcome may be, I've learned my lesson and won't do it again.

For the record I'm not looking for ways to smuggle synthetic piss in or have a buddy pee in a cup. I was looking for ways to flush my system naturally. I drink so much water as it is and will continue to do so up until the test and even after.
You asked for ways to pass. What difference does it make if the method is natural or not? Your main objective is to pass the test, correct? If that's your goal and you really want the internship, synthetic urine guarantees you will pass. Just drinking water might not be enough, as marijuana can stay in your body for 30 days or more.

Another word of advice. If you drink an excess amount of water close to the testing date, you can fail based on a diluted sample.

Good luck either way though. There's better, more detailed resources available online...marijuana.com is a good place to start.