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Thread: Classic New York Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhinzN703 View Post
    Being too busy is a poor excuse for not being on this site. You don't actually have to acknowledge anything on here but if you did talk **** beforehand and disappear after, it's best if you manned up and paid your dues.
    Your good people, for a Phinz fan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    This may not be directed at you but those that don't show up. You have time when things are going well for the Bills but miracullously when they lose you are swamped? come on. It takes 2 mins to come in here and acknowledge what happened. If it happebed once or twice I could buy it but it's all the time w/ most of the Bills fans on here.

    W/ that said, as awful as you lookeed and as good as we looked it is only one game in a long season.
    The funny thing is after the game, I remembered back to 2003 when the Bills smacked the Pats 31-0 on opening day, then the Pats went on to a 14-2 season with a SB win, and the Bills finished 6-10, with a 31-0 beatdown by the Pats in week 17.

    The huge difference is that the Pats had proven they could win the whole enchilada, and the Bills are 12 straight years of early golf. I'd love for both teams (Bills & Jets) to enter 11-4 with the AFCE crown on the line, but it's very tough to be enthusiastic about watching the same mistakes happen today that you've seen in years gone by and think the results will be different. Solid win by the Jets in all phases of the game. Good luck the rest of the way. Here's to an injury free AFCE battle this year......

    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    The Giants absolutely win it all w/ Sanchez and they probably have more playoff wins and playoff apps if Sanchez is their QB, we probably don't even make a title game w/ Eli the last 2 years........
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