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Thread: bill clinton speech

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    Still cracks me up that the biggest gripe with Clinton is the fact that he got head in office. The guy could have a full harem if he wanted for all I care if it meant we had that economy back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Statler Waldorf View Post
    Alleged sexual deviants, there never was anything besides ďhearsayĒ evidence on Cain which doesnít prove much, especially considering Gloria Allred was representing the women.

    You seem to forget that Clinton was Governor of Arkansas prior to President where he had built up quite a reputation for sexual misconduct, whether it was exposing himself to Paula Jones in 1991, raping Juanita Broaddrick in the Federal Courthouse, or having a 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers. Not only this but the Whitewater scandal was revealed before the 1992 election as well, so Democrats donít have any problem voting for a sexual deviant as well a financial crook ? Nice.

    Yes, such Republicans lead their polls for a few weeks and then either suspend their campaigns due to pressure or just lose in the primary election, while democrats not only become President they become the most powerful leaders within their party. The comparison is not a great one to make on your part.

    Clinton was impeached, and came very close to being thrown out.

    Whereís your evidence he did any of this while on the job? Simply holding an office doesnít mean youíre always on the clock or using government facilities.

    Whereís your evidence any of this ever even happened?

    So you point to one member of congress and then commit the hasty generalization fallacy by assuming all members of congress were like him?

    I donít know, but if he does such things on his own time thatís not my concern, itís his wifeís; however, do it on my dollarís time or lie under oath and I have a right to be miffed.

    One makes the man a jerk or rat; the other makes him a criminal so yes I have a problem when Clinton did it. You seem to live under the rule that as long as youíre doing a good job nothing else you do matters.

    Proof? There are millions of Republicans in this nation so itís going to be a tall order for you to prove a majority of them do such things, but go for it.

    Bill Clinton, JFK, and FDR are always at the top of Democratic polls concerning favorite US Presidents, so no hasty generalization here.
    So your very first sentence you except blame for Cain's sexual harrassments....then blame Clinton for supposed sexual harrassments that you absolutely no proof for just hearsay, rumors, and outright lies. Outstanding. You even use the word hearsay. Hilarity.

    President was already in office when their was proof, Gingrich broke ethical guidelines for decades and he leads in the polls for, what was your words: "The most powerful positions in their parties". Gingrich ran for the biggest office and was speaker for the House for Congress. So he, a Republican, despite his multiple affairs, was in fact elected into a position of power by the voters on top of leading the polls for the Presidency. Yet, Democrats electing officials into office first then learning of their sexual misadventures after the fact are the ones crossing lines. Sure. Right. Oh, and Clinton was only indicated in it years after David Hale was originally investigated by the FBI. Theres that trend again: completely innocent when running for office, suddenly some giant criminal when hes in office and its those damned democrats fault. Hilarious.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Funny how its always the Republicans who are so anxious to circumvent democracy. Clinton was voted into office by the American people and your bragging about how Republicans "came close" to throwing out the peoples elected leader. He was never escorted out, unlike another Republican president Nixon who violated ethics. Hey, theres that pattern again. Look at that. Republican moans about ethics of a President, and it turns out a Republican president was the most devious. Shocking.

    Oh, so elected officials DO have time off. And its perfectly acceptable to receive head during your off hours. Funny, here i thought you could only do that in your bedroom, but now its a by the hours thing. Thanks for clearing it up. First location, then the time. Act doesnt matter. Ill remember that.

    I have as much proof of Herman Cain sexual harrassing his employees as you do of Clinton raping women.

    Republican controlled congress did oversee the shutdown of the federal government. No one person controls the entire congress, so not sure how thats a "hasty generalization", and they were proud of it at the time. Admittedly, when their constituents learned they couldnt go to work, the Republican congress was less pleased with what they had done and made a deal with Clinton. And Gingrich resigned before Congress could come after him. So he resigned before he could be fired. Regardless, he violated ethics. Thats a single person, i never said the entire Congress violated ethics. Just Gingrich...who lead in the Presidental polls and was elected into office multiple times.

    And i suppose your right, Gingrich isnt a criminal...because Republicans dropped many charges against him. Democrat "commits a crime", release the hounds! Republican "commits a crime", lets cover it up! Hey, wasnt that the logic to Nixon to? To damn funny.

    Your party endorsing that behavior is self-evident. Republican presidents commit crimes, and by your own logic that means its the America peoples fault. Republican congressman violate ethics, and get reelected then lead the polls for the presidency...where i suppose they can later commit crimes and cover it up.

    I do appreciate you unbolding my "all" in the quote. Isnt it against the TOS on this site to change what someone else says? Now thats funny, a even a Republican poster cant follow the rules. Anyways, not all Democrats find those presidents their favorite. You dont consider that a hasty generalization to suggest that all do? Again, amusing how your "logic" works.

    Terrorist attack count against the Anything Goes Thread: 4
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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerdolphin View Post
    Sexual predator? He got a blowjob from a grown woman.
    A woman who was his subordinate in the workplace. He would have been fired under any company's sexual abuse policies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post

    Lemme guess, Clinton let you down because he just couldnt live up to the embodiment of family values that is Newt Gingrich, right?

    edit: or was it Herman Cain who stole your heart and vote in the primary? You know, the pizza guy who wanted to show his employees what is means to have extra pepperoni.

    Clinton was the sitting President who abused his office by preying on a younger woman. He would have been fired under any company's sexual abuse policies.

    Herman Cain? What proof did anyone have he was guilty. I don't care about him a whit, but accusations do not yet meet the burden of proof in our country's courts.
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