Hey guys,

As my name may suggest I am a fan from the UK. As you can imagine this isnt a very common occurrence around here where the NFL probably isnt even in the top 20 biggest sports in the country and "British football" (I refuse to use the s word :p) is very much king. I ended up being a Dolphin fan because I got talking to some bloke id never heard of at my local golf course, he said his name was Dan Marino though he was just some random Yank to me. Anyway I checked him out on google afterwards ended out finding out a bit about the NFL and the Dolphins and I have been stuck with it since. In retrospect it may have been easier to pick the Giants or Packers but im happy with my choice :p

I found most Dolphin online communities to be very strange places full of angry people who want to do nothing but criticise the team and indeed seem to take pleasure from its failure, Tannehill being a bust (how does that work ) and Philbin being a failure tend to be common themes. Also "fireland" seems popular .... very intellectual. So I am quite happy to have found this site where most people seem reasonable. I suppose im in a minority as I think overall Ireland has done ok and I wouldn't sack him but what do I know im British :p Though I must say I really like Joe Philbin, he is very much my kind of man, he has given my optimism for the first time since I started closely following the team. Im by no means a crazy optimist but neither am I the sort to give up totally on people due to past mistakes either so I hope Philbin and Ireland can turn things around. Hard knocks made me change my view on Ireland he strikes me a decent man and I hope things work out for him.

So anyway a random tangent in a wall of text probably isnt how most people introduce themselves but its written now so it will do. Im glad to be part of the community and I look forward to good times on here as we watch Philbin and Tannehill (and of course pro bowl WR Chris Hogan ) lead us out of the dark times and into a better future.