Mario Williams, Demeco Ryans, Jason Allen (yes, Jason Allen was AMAZING last year) all gone from that defense. Vickers, Eric Winston, Jacoby Jones are gone from their offense. How has this team gotten any better? Last year they played the COLTS, JAGS, and TITANS twice.. the best team they beat was the Steelers. They dominated them on the ground that day. I don't see them dominating the best run defense in the second half of the season last year (your miami dolphins). Their o-line has more questions than ours and their receiving core isn't any better. I don't see how this team is seen as such a great one. They have middle of the pack roster. Great receiver and great running back but most of arian fosters runs come because of that line. We actually ran more yards than them last year and our running game is better than it was last year.

I'm not saying we are going to win. They are still the best team in their division but, thats not saying much. If we get blown out by this team then we are going to be the worst team in the NFL. If we keep it close or even win it doesn't mean we are playoff bound. Fact is, The Texans are not a super-bowl caliber team. Don't believe me then compare them to Kansas City, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Dallas, New York Giants, Philly, Chicago, Greenbay, SanFran, New Orleans, Carolina, Detroit Lions. Those are the best teams in the NFL. Oh, and I'll take the jets defense over that overrated defense any day. Wade Phillips made that defense, check how bad they were before and even the last few games of the season.