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Thread: What Dolphin players are worth drafting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolfan3773 View Post
    I'm in a 16 team league and I drafted Tannehill with my last pick as my backup QB
    Definitely reasonable in bigger leagues and good value that late. And you could do a lot worse (*cough* Tebow *cough*).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
    Fantasy-wise this year? I just don't see it. I think Tannehill can have a solid year in real life, but we're not talking real life. Hell, the only leagues I'm in that had Tannehill drafted were ones made up of Phins fans (as a backup bench rider of course). Just my opinion, but I take Wilson over Tannehill in fantasy at this point by a good margin. Again, that's more of a statement of his available weapons vs. Tannehill's than it is a statement of their ability as QBs.
    thats just it, its a toss up, you dont know who will be better, you go with who u feel will be better. Taking tannehill with your last pick does not hurt you at all, its a pick that doesnt matter.
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