Tyler Bray's arm talent is terrific, the problem is, that's about the extent of the positives with him as far as I'm concerned. His delivery is elongated and he constantly double clutches the ball. Telegraphs his throws with his lower body by opening his hips directly to the target in order to make up some of the timing lost by his slow, elongated release.

His ball placement and accuracy is sporadic. I see significant YAC opportunities for his receivers left on the field due to inaccuracy. His poor ball placement doesn't stand out as much against SEC competition because his receivers are covered much tighter.... where it stands out the most is against lesser competition because his receivers get so wide open against this level of talent. I watched Justin Hunter literally have to drop to the ground to catch Bray's passes against Georgia St. when there wasn't a defender within 15 yards of him.... leaving significant run-after-catch yards on the field.

He also gets rattled easily. His decision making goes down the drain under pressure.

However, the most critical flaw that Bray has is in the intangible department. A lack of leadership and maturity.

The coaching staff was hoping he would become a leader and dedicate himself to film study in the offseason, but it didn't happen. He was busy throwing beer bottles off balconies and breaking car windshields rather than working on his craft...


Not surprisingly, about two weeks later he was back in front of a judge for a jet skit incident....


Personally, I don't see much that he has to offer me on or off the field that would make me want to burn a draft pick on him.