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Been watching Kiko Alonso quite a bit and nobody's talking about this guy. I've mentioned him in a few threads. He has a bagful of character concerns from past years but nothing recent, seems to have turned a corner. I like him a lot and he's going to be there in the third. As you say, very fluid and a good reader of the game. Solid tackler, takes a direct line to the ball.

Agree with you that Reid is a SS in the NFL, but, unlike Jefferson, he is a ballhawk and a playmaker. Jefferson is ridiculously smart and decisive, but he won't bring you turnovers. I don't think Coyle will want another player in the secondary who doesn't come into the draft with a track record of takeaways, sacks and or forced fumbles. Reid is much more of a project than Jefferson, but the end product will be better IMO.

You already know how I feel about Chase Thomas. Dion Jordan is fascinating, he could be a really interesting hybrid player in the NFL who gives offences a certain look pre-snap but moves all over the place, sometimes on the slot, sometimes covering TEs, sometimes with his hand in the ground, sometimes on the blitz from the A gap.
interesting points about jefferson...ones that i'd be willing to go along with actually after watching his tape...might be a more average pro cause he doesn't make splash play turnovers...but hes instinctual and when it's in front of him and he sees it he's on it...as for reid i think his issue in the pros is gonna be coverage...i think he'll be exposed in coverage...not as fluid a player as mark barron was last year more difficulty coming out of his pedal etc...

adding a wr to my list of targets after reviewing marcus wheaten tape i like that...top 50 guy for me...his ability to separate in his routes really stands out...nice burst i like his body and the way he locates the ball...very quick...offers specials returns also...looks like a guy that philbin ould covet and i think he plays smart...so iding coverage and running routes off of it i think he can do...separation though impressive and it will translate to the next level...interested in seeing if he's over 5 ft 11 though...one thing that i question is what can he offer in the red and tight red...i don't see a win high point the ball guy or run fades with guy...but i'm a fan...and he's a target for me