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You been watching any tape lately hoops?
just watched the 2 bowl games that have been played...took a look at cb will davis of utah state didn't really see much...left me kinda ehhh...i have seen a lot of stuff that has him as a top 50 guy and i didn't see it off the bowl game...

i thought the returner/wr/rb reedy i think his name was from toledo was interesting return wise at the next level...late round guy i'd say...more quick than fast when he went sideways the lack of straight line speed was evident...but he was interesting...wasn't the most willing to catch the ball in traffic over the middle though...but as a returner i liked him

the rb fluellen that i wanted to see got hurt with an ankle at the start pretty much so that was a bummer and the utah state rb jefferson i think his name was did nothing for me...

looking forward to washington boise st and ucla baylor i think those games will be good watches...pay attention to the te for washington #88 ferris jenkins i think his name is i saw him last year as a freshman and quickly id'd him as a future top 50 pick te and he's a good one...good size willing blocker can run not a burner down the seam but he'll make plays downfield and surprise you...next year he's likely my top te available

the freshman wr #6 i think he is williams has very high end tools also and he'll be a high pick in 2 more years...i don't think they go to him enough but that kids got the pro look and talents

want to get a look at s philip thomas of fresno this week and i think cb leon mcfadden and the de ansah are on display also in the next few days...got the dvr ready