I could see Jeff Ireland liking Margus Hunt and I could even see Kevin Coyle liking him too if he really does like Jared Odrick at end. But I still feel there's something missing.

Hunt had an extraordinary game in the Hawaii Bowl...against 6'4" and 290 lbs FRESHMAN Alex Fifita (recognize the name?). Fifita's not just a freshman, he's a small-ish freshman that wasn't even on many schools' radar as a recruit. MaxPreps had him as the 735th ranked recruit...in California.

Hunt's frame, athletic ability and strength give him the promise of dominating like a J.J. Watt dominates. You watch J.J. Watt look like a man among boys out there, how big and strong he is, what a great frame, etc...and then you watch Margus Hunt, and even if they weren't the same skin color you'd see resemblance in the frame and potential for physical dominance. But Watt has, and always did have, so much better flexibility, balance, pad level, awareness...all the things that make you not just Ivan Drago trying to play defensive end, but actually a great football player.

I get genuinely worried about Margus Hunt because he's not very good against the run. You get worried he's going to be some kind of contradiction as a player. With his size a Kevin Coyle (and just about every other defensive coordinator) is going to look at him and say OK, he's a closed end type that reduces to the inside on pass rush downs. But that means he's a run stopper for at least half the time. Being so big and strong that should be fine. But being so aggressive, off-balance, not wholly aware, inflexible and raw...maybe that's not fine after all because I don't really consider him good against the run even in college. And at the same time, what if that raw combo size/athleticism isn't enough to make him a compelling pass rusher against NFL left and right tackles as opposed to freshman 290 lbs no-star prospects like Alex Fifita? Your backup plan is to put him at defensive tackle. But oh wait, bad pad level, awareness, flexibility, bad run stopper...just a pure gap penetrating tackle prone to ending up on the carpet. What use is that?

In short, I get worried that at the NFL level you've got a rotational defensive lineman whose largest impact comes on special teams as a kick blocker.