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i don't know who's watching this flo st nor illinois bowl game but i'can tell you it's a joke...way too much size and speed with flo st...hell even xavier rhodes plays physical against this level comp...only thing that will keep no ill in the game is trickeration and flo st turnovers...if you like ej manuel i wonder why cause for what i'm seeing he's got anythng he wants and should at minimum put up 400 yards and 4 tds today if he's worth a hoot...

running that no ill qb is not gonna do anything...nice story but this is a bs bcs matchup
I am an FSU alum and I hate this matchup. If FSU kills them, they were supposed to and if they lose or barely win, God forbid, they are a laughing stock. No recruiting boost for FSU here, that is for sure. With that being said, Werner is a pimp. Would love to have him but not going to happen. Carradine and/or Jenkins could be excellent value though.

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