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Cheers hoops nice write up. Another thong I really like about Swope is that he is a tough kid. He can take a hit and is a pretty good blocker. This is a feature I always like in recievers.

I really think he is going to be a third round bargain for someone. Despite having bess on the roster I wouldnt mind having a second slot reciever. I just think he would be a really nice efficient reciever for us who we could depend on. If we got Jennings and kept Hartline Swope and maybe one more young reciever from round 2 would give us an offense I would be estatic about.

agree wholeheartedly... never too early to start thinking about future starters/replacements for when guys leave... we need to have foresight for this type of thing, not wait until our hand is forced where we HAVE to burn a pick on somebody to fill a hole... tough with our current situation, but it's something we need to start doing IMO