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Thread: To experts: what are the constructive aspects & achievable improvements for next game

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    Question To experts: what are the constructive aspects & achievable improvements for next game

    To the resident football experts: In the perspective of a coach or player, what were the constructive aspects of the team's performance this past game and what is achievable to improve prior to next game?

    I'll be honest, I haven't coached or played organized team football (just a longtime fan of the game, played a lot of intramural football in school and a lot of sandlot), and I'm sure most of us look at this from the typical fan perspective, but I'm sure we'd all love to know what techniques are fixable within a week's time frame, and what can the team do schematically to build upon any positives prior to next game.

    For starters, is there something the lineman can change in technique to minimize the tipped passes? / Schematically perhaps? Were Clay and other possible offensive weapons underutilized or did Tanny just not see past 2 or 3 reads perhaps? Do we work in Lane (or other lesser utilized weapons) a bit more underneath or other areas of the field? The left side of the oline seemed to run block well, but did the right side make any strides at all? Enough positives to stay the course or will there be some spaghetti thrown on the wall to see what sticks next game? Any thoughts?
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    There's nothing they can do with the lack of talent on this team. You have a rookie QB and a roster full of holes and backup players starting on your team. It's a very poorly constructed team (which I've been saying for years).

    Houston started blitzing a safety in the 2nd quarter and from there is was over. The Dolphins have the worst boundary WR corps I have ever seen on an NFL team. They have absolutely ZERO boundary threats. This makes them so easy to defend. The Texans started loading up the box blitzing one of the safeties on every other play, and Miami's pathetic talentless pop-gun offense revealed itself. The Olinemen would peel off to the safety and leave D-linemen (or a LB who would blitz) open

    You don't think other teams will watch tape of this game and do the same thing ?? lol. This will be another ugly season folks. Say what you want about Brandon Marshall, but it wasn't about his production as it was the fact that he was a boundary threat that defenses had to account for. This left other guys with more space to maneuver on the field and opened things up for other targets (it wasn't just about Marshall the player, it was his presence/threat opening up the entire offense).

    The Dolphins don't have that anymore, the only way they can move the ball and get into the end zone is by sheer determination out-willing the opposing players - and we all know the dolphins don't have nearly enough talent or weapons to accomplish this week in and week out. It burns out your players during the course of the season when you're so out-gunned all the time and don't have superstar players (at WR in this case) to open things up for other receiving targets.

    The Dolphins are very easy to defend. When Davone f'in Bess is your best receiver you know you are in deep trouble in this passing league. Bess is not a game changer (look at his ridiculously low touchdown numbers), is not a big play maker, he is just a small possession receiver who lacks speed. He's nothing special. He's a 3rd WR , and when he's your best guy, and you have a slow sloth like Fasano as your #1 TE, with a rookie QB, your offense absolutely sucks in this pass happy league
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