I live in Indiana and was listening to a local radio station and the disc jocky was saying how well peyton manning played and how HE wanted indy to not give him up and then proceeded to say how bad andrew luck was and how he is a bust more or less. I always knew colts fans were the biggest band wagon riders there ever was but this just makes me sick. 10+ years of success with peyton winning 12-14 games a season and a superbowl and then to get lucky enough to get luck and lets be honest, he didn't do bad yesterday against a very tough defense, possibly the best defense in the league with chicago. Luck will succeed, and in a year the colts fans will forget all about peyton, it just irritates me to live here and have to listen to them whine about this kind of thing when dolphins fans have endured and will endure alot more pains before we can even compete for a playoff spot. Some people just don't know how lucky they are.