You have to be ****ting me.

I can only imagine the various set of circumstances had I been in this restaurant.

As a customer.... (without my children present) I go the **** off. The parents are fortunate if I dont beat them Iverson style with chairs from the restaurant. At the least, I get up from my table immediately, inform the manager I am not paying for anything I have ordered or eaten because they let this **** go on. If you want to call the police be my guest, but Im ****ing leaving now and I will never eat at your restaurant again. Thats just so unsanitary on so many levels. Just ****ing disgusting. If my own children happen to be with me, I ask the wife to take them to the car and proceed to do the aformentioned.

If Im the manager, I throw those customers out as soon as Im informed or discover what is going on. How can people possibly think this **** is acceptable in a restaurant?

Seriously, what the **** is that ****? What the **** is wrong with people? Whoever is in charge of that **** should be doing prison time right now. You go out to a restaurant and let you kid sit there naked and **** and piss all over the ****ing place? Really?

There really should be a ban on children in restaurants. I so rarely take my kids out to any kind of decent restaurant. They dont know wtf good food is yet anyway. Its a total waste of money. They still think chef boyardee and **** like that tastes good. When I do take them somewhere, they know damn well that its a real bad idea to not behave well or to waste food. But, there is no way in hell I wouldve taken them at that age and let them sit naked on a kiddie toilet and **** while people are sitting around EATING. I mean really, you have to consider there is a strong chance fecal matter gets on tables, chairs, plates, eating utensils....etc etc. Un****ing believable.

Children under have no business in restaurants aside from McDonalds and **** like that to begin with. But, this **** here is a whole different ballgame. This DEMANDS criminal prosecution.