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I don't think anyone ever suggested it did JCane.

You are giving yourself way too much credit. I have more important things to do thant to go out of my way to disagree with you just for the sake of it. I think a 60 yard field goal attempt to win money at halftime is silly and likely impossible. I also can't help smiling at so many people making such a big deal about it. Who really cares? Oh my God, a fan is going to attempt a 60 yard field goal to win money, Philbin picked up a piece of trash of the practice field on Hard Knocks and Ross is bringing in Cirque du Soleil in the offseason to use the stadium. Next we are going to start arguing between whether the stadium should have Pepsi or Coke at the concession stands. I don't know, but I would rather root/complain about the team and front office in terms of football than whether or not a wall at the stadium has aqua paint or orange paint on it. I guess I am just old fashioned.

It's coke. and its not even close lol