OK, I've heard a number of retired, older NFL players say that if they went back to using leather helmets that would reduce the concusion risks. Initially I thought that was a crazy idea, but after some thought and after seeing that HBO special on the Saints player with ALS I think it IS a good idea just a little extreme.

There is no denying the dangers of multiple concusions. The evidence is already stacked up pretty high and it seems to be getting clearer all the time.

What about if they added some kind of inflatable cushion, like a crumpler zone to the front of the helmet?

The NFL would not be compromising the logos on the Helmets. It would not weigh anything or impede player vision.

There is no denying that players lead with the crown of their helmets and intentionally use the crown as a rhino horn. It is ugly and really unnecesary. The NFL will at some point be forced to deal with the mounting medical evidence. I would much rather see them proactively remove or reduce the risk than see them continue to butcher the rules every year.