BEAUMONT A Stiles Unit corrections officer is in stable but critical condition after he was stabbed in the eye area with an unknown object by a violent offender.

The incident occurred at about 1:13 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4 as administrative segregation offender Rey Barrera removed his hand restraints, exited his cell and assaulted 44-year-old Officer David Logan at the Stiles Unit, according to a press release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Administrative segregation means the offender is in s single cell and separated from the general population, Jason Clark, public information officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said. The offender spends approximately 22 hours a day in his cell and gets out for shower and recreation.

Offenders can be placed in administrative segregation if they are escape risks, prison gang members, or attack staff members and other members, etc. This offender, she said, is in administrative segregation because is has a history off assaulting officers.
I feel bad for the guy. It illustrates who we work with.

There are also reasons this won't happen to me. I love my job.....So much. It's like, plopping your head into a wash of hell
every four days, then, coming back and doing it again. I'd like to say some of the stuff that's on my mind, but.........

All things said in public are considered public.

I'd love Mr. Berrerra, who is clearly just misunderstood to come to Hughes unit.