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The jealousy is just dripping from this post. Just too funny. You've been reminded what a pro QB is supposed to look like and it is killing you. Now your torn between being horribly wrong about Sanchez for 4 years and having to put up with crappy QB play for any longer. Ha, ha ,ha.
I've seen my team nearly make 2 SBs w/ my QB, I'm not jealous. Ryan is playing better right now w/o a doubt but I have seen so many young QBs play well early and not be able to keep it up or take that next step so you guys are getting way ahead of yourself especially for a guy who has not been able to make plays at critical moments of games. He's played well but you guys are acting like you have a young Tom Brady and it's a sure thing. He may end up being a top 10-15 QB but let's allow him to prove it forst before placing unreal expectations on the guy the same way you guys have done w/ almost every QB post-Marino.