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Who are you kidding? You are so ****ing OCD that a few weeks ago in less than 48 hours, while presumably at work you posted 150 times here. No way with all the bashing the jest get on weekends, you'd have the self-control to stay off this site unless your caregiver in the group home, or mom, in your basement prohibits online access due to past abuse of the priviliege. You're just too OCD not to be on here unless not allowed?

Too funny that you don't think my women make yours look like skanks or that I couldn't buy or sell you either. You really are delusional.

But what do you expect from the biggest homer on the biggest homer jets board?
I love when frauds get called out then get defensive. if you were half of what you tell us you are comments like that wouldn't bother you but you are insecure for some reason.,.. I wonder why?

did you hear? TGG is the biggest homer board around and I'm the biggest homer!