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So Peyton showed early on that when it came to instant death playoff games, he could win a title with a loaded team? And not having one at BC exonerates Ryan for throwing 2 ints in his conference title game? Well okay Dlox. Maybe you're right...but now you're calling it a team effort on the Falcons when Ryan keeps crapping the bed in the playoffs with the equivalent of the loaded team you assert Peyton had at Tennessee? Sorry, can't have it both ways and that's the issue with Ryan. When you have Gonzalez, Turner and White and still look pitiful, it's more on you than the team.

I love these Mark Sanchez type references. In that case a good team carried him (once cause he didn't really earn the first playoff free pass). If a good team could carry a Sanchez, Williams or Dilfer, shouldn't then a good team be able to carry a supposedly good QB, or do you suggest that the choker gene trumps a good team?
No such thing as a choker gene his time will come , too many people put too much blame and credit on the qb. There are plenty of teams with damn good receivers that dont do half of what he does. I mean how much did Brandon Marshall help us. You always come up with the same tired arguement about this mysterious gene, Hell Marino had Clayton and Duper and never won a superbowl but doesnt detract from him being a great qb. The odds are if you continue to play well and lead your team to the playoffs you will eventually win in playoffs. Only people like you make losing every season equal to losing in first round of playoffs. Its like the lottery you have to play to win.