By creating one of these warp bubbles, the spaceship's engine will compress the space ahead and expand the space behind, moving it to another place without actually moving, and carrying none of the adverse effects of other travel methods. According to Dr. White, "by harnessing the physics of cosmic inflation, future spaceships crafted to satisfy the laws of these mathematical equations may actually be able to get somewhere unthinkably fast—and without adverse effects."
There was only one problem with all this: where does the energy come from? While we knew that warp drives were theoretically possible, physicists have always argued that they would require a ball of exotic matter the size of Jupiter to power it. Clearly, that was not practical. But thankfully, Dr. White has found a solution that changes the game completely.

The implications of this are immense and far reaching. What was previously considered completely implausible, if not impossible may in fact be VERY possible. Not only would it make interstellar travel possible, it eliminates the nasty time effects of relativity (aging at a slower rate than those who don't travel) and issues with travellers getting flatted by acceleration and decceleration. I'm trying not to get too excited about this, but as a science and sci-fi lover, it's difficult not to.