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Thread: Slimm's Underrated Prospects: (Seniors)

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    I haven't noticed an issues with body catching. Not saying it's not there, but I haven't noticed it.
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    I like Patton and looked at some of his film. I think he could fit as a dolphin but just like the scoring ability of Bailey from short and longer routes.

    SU fan here and watched SU tear up Louisville up close. Nassib IMO will transpose nicely to the NFL. He had some guys who are not quite all there all the time in a no-huddle offense but when they clicked from pass to running game striking long runs Nassib was on fire. Smart kid with a Finance degree on the way. Dedicated. He misses throws but sometimes you cant tell if its the WR missing the route or call at LOS.

    I certainly would consider him in the 5th round but I think his stock is rising. Buffalo will definitely take a good look at him and they are proud of local products. He could get taken in the second round should Buffalo bypass QB in the first. Marone getting interviewed by Buffalo too.
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