I rarely post in the POFO, but I have a degree in Poli Sci, and a graduate degree in a related field, and just wanted to share my thoughts:

To me the election comes down to who is going to do a better job in fixing the country. We have a huge deficit of $16 trillion. You can argue all you want about who caused it....I am more concerned about who is going to fix it.

Obama says, "The job isn't done yet.....give me four more years." This is like a salesman who isn't getting the job done asking his boss to keep him around for four more years. Maybe someday he will actually make a sale. I think Obama cares more about the "Little people," the homeless, and the poor. He probably cares a little more about women's rights and making sure they have the choice of whether they can have an abortion, and get access to contraceptives, BUT to me these issues are not that important compared to JOBS and the Economy.

Mitt Romney may be a multi-millionaire and out of touch with the average American, but he is an experienced businessman. We need someone who can balance the budget and not spend us into bankruptcy. I think Obama's promise of HOPE sounded good, but I cannot vote for him.

ROMNEY is the lesser of two evils.

(sorry for any typos as I am using a cell phone)