On Friday right after practice Ryan Tannehill called an offense only meeting: I can only assume it's true. The guy reporting it is hired by the Dolphins themselves on the miamidolphins.com website to do their show with Sam Madison. He got his info from Rich Gannon who I'm sure has connections as a former player and wouldn't lie about that I can only assume plus, he is broadcasting our game on Sunday as well. If that's right and all of this is true I am ecstatic!

Tannehill has balls and already has the leadership mentality to get HIS team together to discuss something that doesn't involve the coaches. I'm sure it's nothing bad about Philbin but it's Tannehill taking charge. GREAT little tidbit to hear. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Tannehill is taking charge an showing the team he is a leader. That's a future franchise QB. Go kick the **** out ot the Green Puke Cropdusters RT17!!!!

Yets 13
Dolphins 28