Sagan Video
I am shocked that Carl Sagan had so much trouble with just a call in questioner, can you imagine if the guy actually debated a Creationists with a PhD? It’d be ugly. Nearly, all of the genetic information needed to produce the different phenotypes we see in breeds of dogs today was present in their common ancestors, so that analogy just doesn’t really work. In fact, Creationists will use the dog analogy quite often to illustrate how selection cannot produce all of the species we see today from one single common ancestor.

Rob, I find your article about distant starlight to be a total misrepresentation of the creationist position. They reference AIG, but nearly all of the arguments they claim creationists use are located on AIG’s “Arguments Creationists should not use” page. Additionally, I find it rather convenient that none of the four current cosmological models I can think of off the top of my head that do reconcile the distant starlight problem with a “young” universe find their way into the article.

For example…