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Paul explains himself in 1 Timothy 2, Eve was deceived by Satan into eating the fruit, Adam was not. Women and men enjoy different spiritual gifts, one of man’s spiritual gifts is authority and proper instruction in the church, women serve different but no less important roles in the church. As for “good reasons”, I can think of several, first of all if someone is more likely to be deceived spiritually then that is not the person you want instructing everyone else on spiritual matters, secondly and most importantly God clearly says through His revealed word they are not to instruct with authority within the church, that’s as good of a reason as you can get right there. Surely you’re not going to commit the unisex fallacy and try to tell me that men and women are identical are you?
God told Adam & Eve not to eat the fruit, so both were aware of the order. Eve may have been directly tricked by Satan, but Adam also ate the fruit, and he knew the rules of the garden, so I would say he was tricked by Satan as well. If you're going to take this story and apply the principles to the present day, wasn't Adam (man) a follower? Eve was at least tricked by a higher power, whereas Adam knowingly disobeyed God due to peer pressure. That doesn't sound like the kind of guy I want in an authoritative position. Also, was Adam ever directly tempted by Satan? How are we to know that Adam wouldn't have done the same thing? I just don't get how being deceived means you can't be in an authoritative position, but being a follower does mean you get to have authority.

No one would argue that men and women are identical, but I have strong opposition to how you differentiate them.