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Oh come on Jack, you know I don’t ignore posts, if anything I don’t ignore the ones I should (:-P), I simply missed that post, I’ll respond below.

Sure he disobeyed them but not in the same manner as Eve. Eve was deceived by Satan, who questioned God’s word while Adam was really deceived he simply chose to disobey God’s word. I know it’s a difficult passage, I have struggled with it before as well, but I have to stick with God’s revealed word on such matters since He’s the one who knows who is more easily deceived spiritually. There’s a whole other aspect to this argument that is being overlooked, Paul also references the created ordinance to back up his position, women were created after men and apparently God did this for a specific purpose much like the 7 day creation week in order to establish our normal week. Additionally, women are not prohibited from holding positions in the church, or from even teaching other men (Acts 18), if this was merely a means of holding women down I think Paul would have prohibited women from holding authority over men or instructing men under any circumstance but he didn’t.

I am not saying men are never deceived spiritually, I am merely saying they are less likely to be.

Do you have anything to back that position up or are you just holding that as an opinion? I think most women have an easier time accepting the fact that they may have different spiritual gifts than men do than your assertion that they apparently are so gullible they let men dupe them into being submissive for the last few millennia.

Men and women are different; I see no issue with believing that, my wife is probably one of the nicest people on the planet and sharp as a whip to boot. However, I certainly know my scripture and theology far better than she does, we’re just different.
I don't think many women in the church would agree with that fact that women are easier to be deceived spiritually than males. My parents are very religious, so I had to attend church from a little kid till my teen years. I can't recall 1 sermon or 1 Bible study, in which I was told that women were easier to deceive.

I never said women were gullible and thus let men dupe them into being submissive. It doesn't take that much intelligence to imagine why women lacked authority throughout history. In primitive times, I would imagine that physical strength had much to do with who was in charge. Women are much weaker physically, thus men possessed authority.

I have as much proof for my theory as you do yours. At least I'm interpreting history in common sense terms; you're interpreting fairy tales about talking snakes and magical fruits.