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Obviously. Of course he's not underrated anymore, but he was prior to the season. I've talked about how underrated I felt Elam was prior to the season going all the way back to July, and believed he was ready to put it on display as a Junior and become one of the elite defenders in the SEC....

Now that he's gone out and proven that by having dominant performances inside the SEC on his way to leading Florida to a top 5 defense, they're beginning to see how good he really is. He was a great player last year as a sophomore despite Florida's defense not being nearly as good. His dedication to film study was going to allow him to go from being an extremely solid, assignment sound player, to being an elite player.

All the "services" you're reading were most likely hyping up liabilities such as T.J. McDonald as premier players circa the time period I was attempting to direct attention towards where the real talent lies.

Elam isn't underrated anymore, and they're a little late in my estimation.