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Thread: Fake refs cost Packers a Win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roman529 View Post
    I think the Seahawks were a 3 point favorite in Vegas. It went from a 12-7 to 14-12, imagine the millions of dollars that switched hands in Vegas. Maybe the refs had a side bet on the action?
    I had Green Bay -3 in that game, and for a good chunk. It fit one of my favorite and most reliable systems, and once it dipped to -3 from -3.5 it triggered a larger wager.

    I was stunned initially but at least it lead to a few hours entertainment. I stayed up and watched the aftermath. Admittedly, I had a lucky weekend prior to that game so it didn't sting quite as much as it otherwise would have.

    The refs were not in position to make the call. I noticed that immediately, while I was sweating my wager. When the two refs converged and briefly made eye contact I was convinced they'd somehow call a touchdown.

    Jennings rotated to his left on the ground with the ball obviously pinned to his chest just a split second after the ref signaled touchdown. If he had done that a half second or more earlier, IMO, it never would have been called a touchdown. Jennings made a great play but he didn't seem to grasp the situational variables, that the other guy's hand on the ball allowed just enough opportunity for the refs to screw up. You had to use every ounce of energy to separate and show the ball in your control, even if seemingly it was long after the fact.

    There was one positive. That play prompted ESPN to interview Johnny Avello of Wynn sportsbook on its Outside the Lines segment yesterday. Johnny is a good guy, always asking how I'm doing and about my family when I see him. He's gutsy enough to put up the earliest lines in town, same as when he ran Bally's sportsbook for so long.
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    I'm sure Seattle doesn't feel a bit of sadness, nor would I about the
    way a Superbowl was stolen by the "real" refs.

    Thanks Shifty!

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