We need to stand up to the NFL Owners and make a statement! Signing a petition won't help and neither will ranting and raving help it.The NFL Owners will not do a thing until they start getting hit in their wallets!

Therefore, for all Week Four games, everyone needs to stay out of the stadium for the first five minutes of the game!

Yes, it will be hard. Yes, the players will not get the support at opening kickoff. However, they will understand and they want the regular referees back just as much as we do, if not more!

How will this work? It's simple! Tailgate a little longer. Do not go into the stadium until the 10 minute mark in the first quarter.

Stadiums across the nation will be empty at kickoff. It will create a huge buzz on television and on the radio. It will get people talking and NFL Owners will take action!

Think about this. The NFL Owners will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions! Sponsors who advertise before the game will not be happy and some will demand a refund! NFL Owners who do special events for pre-game will lose money because no one will be there to see it!

Concessions are most active before the game begins! If no one is in the stadium, the concessions will lose money! If you say that people will just buy the food when they get in - you are wrong! If more people tailgate longer, they will have more food and drinks outside the stadium. Therefore, there would be no need to eat and drink when you get in!

We need everyone on board. If we do this the right way, the NFL Owners will be hit in their wallets - and that's the only way that they will seriously negotiate with the locked out referees!