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Jcane here is your homework asignment since I like you and don't want to see you strapped to a yard dart! google the ntsb report for the link I posted then pm me and I will tell you airlines I won't fly on our let my family fly on that are subsidies operating for major airlines.

The moral of the rant gentleman is you get what you pay for! Three scabs are screwing up regularly because they aren't good enough. The people making those decisions don't suffer because you line their pocket! If you are ok with that you can't complain if ether bad call loses are game.
No, because I have to fly an airline VERY soon that you'll probably name and I don't need to hear those stories lol. I love to fly and I trust you guys know what you're doing so I just load up, order my cranberry Vodka and surf the web during a flight. Never in my life have I had a bad flight. If you land my plane, GREAT FLIGHT.

But you ALWAYS get what you pay for...and if you pay for an $8 hot dog at a stadium, you get ripped off. What I mean by that in relation to this officials strike, is people will complain about officials regardless of who they are. People will complain about hot dog prices at a stadium. Don't overpay for it. Say no. The NFL needs to say no. In the end, the NFL will overpay for the officials that they want. Hopefully, the keep the pension from them.