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You are partially correct.

A pension for part timers is unheard of. The refs are definately strong arming the NFL.

Thing is, this isnt a normal situation. Its not a regular job. These guys arent part time security at my local casino. They are NFL officials. Its a unique job that requires a unique skill set that ordinary people dont possess. It takes years for an official to build up the necessary skill it takes to officiate an NFL game. And even then, once they get their first NFL gig, it takes time for them to work and blend in with a veteran crew before they are really good at it.

Thats where the officials have the upper hand. Thats why they are even in position to strong arm the NFL. Granted, its kinda ****ed up, youre the guy who would I know agree that youre worth exactly what someone is willing to pay you. The reality is the NFL is stuck in a position where they are going to have to pay these guys. Right now the officials could stand firm on their pensions and ask for a raise if they wanted to. Its going to get worse before it gets better.

The officials are making their point that they are a group that simply cant be replaced overnight. The owners are going to have to figure this one out. If they want to take the pensions away, they are going to have to set up a system where they have some future refs ready to go when they want to try and pull the plug on the pensions in the future. Because right now, they gotta get the regulars back.

On top of all of that, the NFL has a **** ton of money. Why **** up a good thing over a few bucks for some pensions for part time refs? Just give it to them. Again, if they want to take it away 5 years down the line, they are going to have to set up a system where they have some trained and prepared officials who will work without getting pensions in place and ready to go. Youre not going to be able to pick up guys off the street who have worked Div III college ball before to come in and do this specialized job.

Just give it to them. Just cave in to their ridiculous demands to make some fans happy lol.

I'm guessing you were anti-Reagan weren't you?

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Meh. Steven Ross gave away a million dollars to that fraud David Garrard, but he is unwilling to throw in 1/32nd of 40 mil to get the refs back? Get real.
Great move by Mr. Ross IMO.

He has made a **** ton of money by not being liberal with his money.